Scientific Research Institute of soybeans in Ukraine

Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю «Науково-дослідний інститут сої»

Annual events and communication with leading scientists on growing and processing of soya led to the creation of a private scientific and research institution, which became Institute.

For the purpose of scientifically - grounded approach to the selection process output and improvement of soybean varieties, in February 22, 2005 was established Limited Liability Company "Scientific Research Institute of soybeans" code in the State Register - 663.




Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю «Науково-дослідний інститут сої», Глобине

The main purpose of scientific breeding work of the Institute is creation of new soybean varieties that:

  • adapted to the growing conditions;
  • resistant to drought, cracking and lodging;
  • have a high oil content and protein;
  • suitable for organic growing and modern technology.

Concerning selection and primary seeding "Scientific Research Institute of soybeans" LLC is working closely with research and plant breeding institutions in North America, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan and National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

The result of collaborative research using the latest Canadian and Serbian genetics techniques to create and evaluate new soybean varieties, became a varieties, which were registered in the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine:


Established for period of existence of the Institute material and technical base allows significantly expand the capabilities of the selection, evaluation, breeding and keeping of primary seeding based on laboratory studies in modern laboratory of seed control. However, upgrading laboratory complex in the near future will enable research based on molecular accelerate the development of new soybean varieties.

The result of the development of advanced technologies of soybean is environmental technology toasted expanded full-fat (TEF) soy and technology of product line production - By Pass proteins.

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Laboratory for selection of technical hemp:

  • examines the factors of influence on productivity of technical hemp;
  • engaged in high-quality seeds development, bun and fiber, compounds of kanabinolu in inflorescence;
  • creates high-yield varieties that can withstand to biotic and abiotic environmental factors.

Laboratory for breeding and seed production of soybean, is engaged in creation of new varieties that:

  • adapted to the growing conditions, high-yielding;
  • resistant to drought, cracking and lodging;
  • have a high oil content (21-22%) and protein (41-42%);
  • have a height of attachment of lower bean 12 centimeters and more.

Laboratory for products quality control:

  • analyzes the quality of agricultural products produced in the company and by other programs specified by the Academic Council of the Scientific-Research Institute of soybean;
  • prepares offers to solve problems of corresponding of special researches and submits to the leadership of the Institute;
  • considering the narrow lines and forms of international cooperation, promotes scientific relations with scientific institutions near and far abroad (international scientific programs, conferences, etc.).