Tanais soybean variety

Сорт сої Танаїс Патент на сорт сої Танаїс


Very early maturity variety. Get first harvest only in 85-90 days! Best for postcut seeding. Get additional 1.5 -2.0 tons of soybean grain per hectare. Nutritional value. Bean of this variety contains 20-21% of oil, 41-42% of protein.
Pest and disease resistant. Plant type is erect. The optimal plant population at harvest is 800-820 thousand per hectare of cultivated area. It contains 20-21% of oil, 41-42% of protein. This variety is good for Rivne, Lviv, and Volyn regions.

Tanais variety. Characteristics that are important to know:

Biological features:Commercial features:Recommended population at harvesting (plants/ha):
plant height – 75-85 cm yields in dryland (with moisture 14%) -2.5-3.0 t/ha 15 cm— 790-820 thousand
flower colour - purple 1000 seeds weight — 160-180 gram 19.2 cm — 770-810 thousand
seed coat colour - yellow, hilum colour - yellow
grain uniformity — 99% 30 cm — 760-800 thousand
determinate stem termination type Ascochyta spot, false mildew, Septoria spot contamination — 1 point  
the number of nodes on the stem – 12-14
lima-bean pod borer contamination — 1-2 points  
height of 1st pod – 8-10 cm protein content (on absolutely dry basis) — 41-42%  
plant shape - erect oil content — 20-21%  


Specific characteristics of variety Tanais

The lower pod height of variety Tanais is 8-10 cm that is why harvesting should be carried out by flex-reapers.